Twin Star Dual Screen I Deck 2.0

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TWINSTAR upright is the low-profile version, offering improved sight lines without losing the power, presence, and versatility the TwinStar cabinets are known for.

The Twin Star Slant features dual 22-inch high-definition, touchscreen displays, and like its fellow Twin Star cabinets, has enhanced hardware for improved 3D graphics and processing power, sleek ergonomic styling, a large award-winning iDeck™, a USB charging port, dynamic lighting and sound package, and broad cross-brand versatility, capable of supporting multiple content streams seamlessly.

  • Improved sight lines
  • Dual 22-inch HD touchscreen displays
  • Improved 3D graphics and processing power
  • Sleek ergonomic styling
  • Large award-winning iDeck™
  • USB charging port
  • Dynamic lighting and sound package
  • Broad cross-brand versatility
  • Supports multiple content streams seamlessly


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