I Deal Shuffler

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Product: i-Deal shuffler

Manufacturer: Shuffle Master

Condition reconditioned

As the gaming industry’s first automatic card shuffler that includes card recognition as a standard feature, Shuffle Master’s i-Deal single-deck specialty shuffler offers a high level of security to games like Three Card Poker with high odds and jackpot payouts.


Featuring a low-profile design with flush-mount load and unload ports, a programmable multi-game function and the ability to shuffle cards approximately 40 percent faster than previous models, the i-Deal aims to increase specialty table game revenue by improving win through increasing hands per hour and productivity.


The i-Deal also helps enhance game security by eliminating shuffle tracking and deck manipulation, and has the ability to reconstruct hands-enabling fast jackpot verification. Its mechanical shuffling process reduces card wear and tear, making cards last longer while enabling the dealer to re-sort decks of cards during daily closing procedures.


According to Shuffle Master, incorporating card recognition technology in the product has opened the doors for alternative uses. Being able to verify that all cards are present or to identify specific cards that are missing or have been added is an important security feature, but now the company’s shuffler is able to help dealers set table game hands accurately and quickly according to preset house ways on games like pai gow poker.


The i-Verify is an LCD touch screen display that is embedded into the table between the chip tray and player betting positions, and when used in conjunction with the i-Deal, it tells the dealer exactly how to set his hand according to the prescribed house procedure. This innovation removes a common barrier to dealing complex games like pai gow poker because it eliminates the need to have the dealer memorize complex house way rules.


Additionally, the i-Verify can also be used by the dealer to show players how to set their hands according to the house way. It provides increased security and reduces and/or eliminates dealer training for house way games like pai gow poker, and can even be used with other house way games like Fortune San Lo Poker and Ultimate Draw Poker

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 8 in


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