Electronic I Shoe For Baccarat Games

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Intelligent Shoes

i-Shoe Auto

Eliminate Card Swapping, Collusion, and Game Manipulation!

Shuffle Master Ishoe For Baccarat



Previous generation card reading shoe, i-SHOE AUTO delivers Baccarat playing cards to the front of the shoe automatically, making dealing easier and more secure. By automatically reading the rank and suit of each card as it is dealt, i-SHOE™ AUTO reduces game manipulation and collusion. Game data is automatically sent to Baccarat display.




Accurate, instant card reading

Dealer errors minimized

Enhanced security & CCTV supervision

Works with any playing cards




Automatic card delivery for accurate card reading

One card delivery eliminates double card pull error

Identifies extra cards in a shoe

Uses all card types – no special markings required

Game results can be transmitte


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