Bally Alpha Pro V32

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ALPHA 2 Pro V32

The ALPHA 2 Pro® V32 showcases a dynamic 32-inch, vertical, high-definition touch-enabled display, that along with the V32’s custom surround sound and game-synchronized lighting provides players with a thrilling game experience. The V32 also takes players’ comfort and ease of use into consideration by offering a lowered button deck for optimal comfort, an ergonomically placed player tracking system and a combined bill in and ticket out path, simplifying player interaction.

32-inch, high-definition, touch-enabled vertical display
Powered by the Alpha 2 operating system using the latest dual-core processing technology, greatly expanded storage, and accelerated video graphics
Elimination of game glass simplifies game conversions
Complete download platform when configured with iDeck™
Combined bill in and ticket out path simplifies player interaction


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